A question about animated comics! HELP ME!

I hope you can help me out with this one, because I’ve searched for an answer for a while now and it is getting frustrating, because I think the answer to it is simple. Let me tell you what I’m planning: I want to create a femdom and/or futanari comic, 3-5 panels per page, and every 2nd site or so one panel is an animated gif. I’m fine with every style…western comics, manga, whatever. As long as it is easy to use (like making speech bubbles with one click), I’ll take it.

I have looked all over the place for an easy to use comic creator that can handle .gif formats or maybe mp4, but I haven’t found even one. Normally I use Comic Life 3, but it cannot handle .gifs or animations. I know that the .epub format can handle animated gifs…and yes, I want to create an animated comic, not a static one…it is important for me ;).
I’ve chatted with the creators of Comic Life 3, and they forwarded my request to the coding team, but that can take forever and maybe they just can’t implement animated gifs.
First I thought I can just make the comic in Comic Life 3, leave the panels for the animated gifs empty, and implement them later in gimp. But that doesn’t work because it turns every page into a .gif then…and that would mean a huge quality loss.
I can’t help myself but think that the answer is simple and that I’m just too stupid to see it. If you have an idea or know a good program that just does all the things mentioned above, please let me know!
Stay kinky!