Fetish Stories: The Asylum

Fetish Stories: The Asylum is a Femdom (Female Domination) Fetish Game about a fictional psychatric hospital, called ‘The Asylum’.

You find yourself in front of the gates of the Asylum, not knowing why you are here. You don’t seem to remember anything but your name. With your eyes still closed, you try to move…but you have been tied up, strapped to a wheelchair. Then, suddenly you get faceslapped and a female voice says “Wake up! You slept long enough!”.

And that’s where the story begins…

Fetish Stories: The Asylum will be a fetish game divided in multiple episodes. Each episode will be one day in the asylum, filled with different choices that influence the next days and the ending of the game. Will you be able to escape? Do you even want to escape 😉 ? Will you uncover the secrets of ‘The Asylum’? ‘What is ‘Injection XX’? Start playing and find it out!


The game is still in development but the story is slowly coming to an end. The next extended endings can be voted by patron supporters. Since this is an ongoing project, patrons can also influence the game by giving feedback and ideas as well as vote in polls for what should happen in the next episodes/days of the asylum. The game itself is now available completely for free. Anyone who is 18 years or older can play it!



This game is mostly about female domination (Femdom), BDSM and the fetishes that come with it like whipping, footworship, tease & denial, oral worship, strap-on fucking and so on. It is an adult fetish game for those of age 18+! If you are not comfortable with that kind of content and if you’re not in a healthy and sane state of mind, then do not play the game.

Day Two, Day Three and Four as well as the first endings are released and ready to be played for Patreon Supporters!

femdom asylum

femdom asylum Day 3


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