Episode III – Decisions, Decisions

Episode III – Decisions, Decisions

Finally, you made it into the abyss. After a cutscene with the Matron Mother , where she successfully reestablishes her power and also grills Takashi, you will have to help Elorae and Za’Ress clear the area. There are a total of 5 fights across the area. After you fought every creature mob, you can leave the area where you came from (south).

Then, you will get transported back to the area. The area is even bigger this time, divided into 4 big maps and 8 small ones. Here is the overview:

Now, this time you can avoid large parts of the fights by just mining clever. Just decide where you want to go and think ahead to take the route where you have to mine the least amount of ore. You can do it, these are most likely your last days of swinging the pickaxe, so make the best out of it.

Also, this time I have decided to not “push cheaters” in the right direction. Last episode you had to sleep to progress in the story. This is gone now. In theory, you can beat this episode without having to see one scene (except the demon encounter), without even going to the prison district. If you cheat that is. But since this game is about the scenes and animations…why would you do that?

Speaking of the prison district:

Takashi is gone, and Shyael takes his place. That is all that has changed. Now, I will give you an overview of all the available scenes in this episode:

Optional Scene: Talice Abyss Footworship (Level 2 Tongue Twirler Required)

Optional Scene: Samira Abyss Kicking and Spear Action (Level 2 Iron Skin for less damage)

Optional Scene: Za’Ress Abyss Ballbusting and Faceslapping (Level 2 Iron Skin for less damage)

Optional Scene: Shyael Abyss Tease (Level 2 Charmer Required)

Optional Scene: Malthara Abyss Blowjob (Level 3 Tongue Twirler Required)

Optional Scene: Talice Abyss Pegging (After placing 2 spheres) (Level 3 Iron Skin Required)

Optional Scene: Grishna Anal (Level 3 Iron Skin Required)

Optional Scene: Khadra Smother and Assworship (Level 3 Endurance Required)

Optional Scene: Elorae Deepthroat (Level 3 Endurance Required)

Optional Scene: Za’Ress (Level 2 Tongue Twirler Required)

Optional Scene: Druuna Footgag (Level 2 Tongue Twirler Required)

Encounter: Astrid gets footsmothered (Prison District)

Prison Encounter: Samira Ballbusting or Feetkissing (Cell)

Prison Encounter: Elorae Anal (Cell, after activating the bridge)

Now, while these scenes are optional (except the encounter that will always trigger) and the story related ones are not, you can still miss the story related ones as well, like I pointed out earlier. So even if you have somehow unlimited stamina, make sure that you return to prison after certain events like lifting the bridge.

After your first day Talice will pay you a visit in your cell! She wants to have some fun with you!

Talice Riding (Level 3 Endurance Required)

The walkthrough is pretty simple, take a close look at the map. After you helped Za’Ress and Elorae in combat you will be brought back to the new camp. From there you make your way upwards until you encounter a goblin that steals the first sphere. Talice orders you to get after him. It doesn’t matter if you get this sphere first or if you choose to go to the right and pay Malthara a visit first, who has the 2nd sphere.

But you do need both spheres and you need to place them on the pedestals in order to trigger a cutscene where the bridge appears. Malthara will simply give you the sphere, the goblin does give it away after a fight.

After the bridge appears, Malthara will visit you for a last time in her cell. She tells you that she is going to leave, and after that encounter, she will be no longer available in the abyss. So make the best out of this visit and offer her your services. Or not. Your choice!

Malthara Anal Pounding (Level 3 Iron Skin Required)

And now, with all the areas unlocked you will have to make a choice. These choices will lead to branches and will influence the endings. You can choose to mine sulfur like the other slaves ask you to. Sulfur can be found in all the 8 small map areas! There are 14 (or maybe a bit more) and you do need 12 of them. After you give Lorian all 12 he will give you a bomb in return! With that bomb, you can go up to him and say that you are ready for escaping. If you choose this option, the episode will end!

The other choice you have is to help the dark elves lifting up the second bridge. You will need two more spheres for that. These spheres can be found in the upper areas. You can freely choose but in our walkthrough we will visit the demons first. You have to please them in order to get the sphere, so choose between Lilith and Morgana, depending on your preference between cock or pussy:

Endurance Test (Level 3 Endurance Required)

Pain Tolerance Test (Level 3 Iron Skin Required)

If you fail at these tests, you can still try to convince them with your CHARMER ability to give you the sphere anyway. If that fails as well, you need to go to the other area of that map. If you failed to get the sphere, a troll gang will appear that you can get the sphere from.

Once you have one sphere and place it on one of the upper pedestals, you will get another encounter in your cell! Za’Ress has to blow of some steam and brought her favourite gadget with her. You will need to lube that gadget up with your spit first, and then take it and endure the pain.

Za’Ress pegging (Level 3 Iron Skin Required)

Grishna, the orc, has the other sphere.

You can simply demand the sphere and she will give it to you. After that, she will leave, forever. You can also choose to give her the other sphere and escape with her. You will leave everything and everyone behind.

If you choose to do so, make sure you have a high enough affection. That means you have to have passed 2 out of her 3 optional scenes (two in Episode 2).

If you have done that, she will enslave you. If you have not done that, your affection won’t be high enough, and she will throw you off the cliff and kill you!

Keep in mind that you can set up both options. You can mine the required sulfur and get the bomb as well as placing the two final spheres and make the final bridge disappear. But ultimately you will have to choose whether you walk across the final bridge or tell Lorian that you are going to make a run for it, tonight.

Congrats, you made it through the game. It is now time to decide what ending you want to go for…

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