The Shadow over Blackmore

“Hell is empty and all the monsters are here!”

– William Shakespeare

Without any memories how you got here, you wake up in a motel room in Blackmore, a mysterious town of mostly female citizens where strange things are going on. As a woman comes to pick you up, saying that you have been one of a few chosen people who are allowed to work in a place called ‘the tower’, things start to take its course and soon you find yourself in the middle of an ongoing conflict between the different fractions of Blackmore. You begin to have weird dreams and the women of the town show a particular interest in you.

Will you uncover the mysteries of Blackmore or will you lose yourself in this strange town?

The Shadow over Blackmore is the newest game made by Darktoz, featuring not only the Femdom and BDSM content that his games are known for, but also an intriguing mystery themed story.

The game is made with Ren’Py, a visual novel engine that not only allows a smooth gameplay experience, but also a unique new interface, no performance issues even on older devices and exporting options that make Shadow over Blackmore available for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android!

Not only is the gameplay engine new, but the render engine, used for the artwork and the animations, is also a completely new one. Daz3D and the iRay render systems not only allow quality pictures but to create good quality videos for animation loops.

The game experience and the customization is unique. You can select the fetishes you want to see at the begininng of the game! Meaning you can choose to block out certain fetishes like cuckold, NTR, bisex and human toilet content, so that you do not get bothered at all by it.

Not only that but you can choose your preference in terms of Futanari content. The unique Futameter slider allows you to either get every possible futa related scene in the game or even no futanari content at all! Even a balanced option is entirely possible if you want to have the best of both worlds. It is up to you!

A high futa score will mean that you will meet a lot of futanari characters, a low score means that you will meet less and turning it all the way down to 0 means that you won’t be bothered by futa dick at all! It is your choice!

For other content like chastity, pegging, punishment, sissification and such it is up to you if you decide to experience that kind of content. But keep in mind that this is a femdom themed game, and if female domination is something that you are not into, it might be best to skip this game!

The Shadow over Blackmore is currently in an early stage so if you would like to support the development, I would love if you visit my patreon page and help out so that this game can continue.

Meet the members of the Church!

Now, please enjoy the game and stay kinky!