Captured by Dark Elves – The Endings !

Captured by Dark Elves – The Endings !

It is pretty simple. Once you either cross the bridge, give Lorian the required amount of sulfur or decide to flee with Grishna the ending scenes will trigger. Half of the endings are extended, meaning they have multiple repeatable scenes. The available endings are:

Prisoner Escape Endings

  • Lorian & Goren
  • Astrid & Shyael
  • Druuna

Available once you give Lorian enough sulfur and run back to the surface in time. When going with Astrid & Shyael or Goren & Lorian you can decide between them in the final scene.

The Dark Elf Endings

  • Samira
  • Elorae
  • Talice
  • Za’Ress
  • Khadra
  • Matron Mother

Once you cross the bridge and go through the cutscene, you will have to make a decision. The most unsatisfying ending is most likely the Matron Mother, who is turning into a monster and just eats you. The other dark elves debate on whether to face her or not. If you choose Talice, Elorae or Za’Ress for your ending, you will have to fight the Matron Mother in her final form! Keep in mind that if you die in that fight, the game is over for you, even though the others defeat Valyrr.

You need a moderate amount of affection with your desired dark elf. Otherwise, or if you insult the dark elves it will lead to the…

Demon Ending

You have already met both of them, and if you want to stay with them until the rest of your life…well, that is rather easy to do.

Orc Tribe Ending

This is sort of a bonus ending. Grishna will offer you a way out if you bring her the other sphere. You will leave your inmates behind and let Grishna bring you back to the surface. You need a very high affection with her in order to trigger the real ending where she enslaves you and takes you back to her tribe, otherwise she will end up kicking you off the cliff.

And…that’s it. 10 endings to choose from. Congratulations, you mined a lot of rocks to get through this game, so you earned yourself some good (or bad) endings.