Captured by Dark Elves – Walkthrough !

Femdom Futanari

Alright, alright! Before this ends like in the Asylum where I missed to do a proper walkthrough and pay the price until today by having to answer a ton of private messages on discord or patreon on “How to get the Nikki Ending?” and other stuff…I will finally spend my time with a quick guide on how to survive as a slave in the skull mine! I’m not very good at writing guides for my games. And I don’t like spending my time on doing so. A good start to get you all excited for this walkthrough, right? Ok, more positive: Welcome to “Captured by Dark Elves” ! Some basics at the start…and if you want the detailed episode walkthroughs you scroll down to the end!

First things first!

Now, some of you guys don’t even bother reading the ingame text, and the most asked questions is actually: ” Your sex scenes are more than 10 minutes long, there is no way to stop them!” And while I find the idea very funny of some of you guys sitting before your desktop, thinking “What the hell was this moron thinking!? WHEN IS THIS TORTURE GOING TO END?” … the answer is very simple. Press and hold down Escape (Esc). That gets mentioned in the game a lot actually. But yeah…meh…text, right? Who even reads that….

And before the android users are asking: You are using the double finger tap to access the menu (where you save and spend skill points). Touch and hold your screen with a finger on both sides. That is your escape button! Android users, please remember that!

Now, on to the 2nd most common question asked: “I cannot please the dark elves!” “They always say that I suck at pleasing them!”. And again, I’ve tried to tell you that in the tutorial, it is very simple. You earn a skill point with every level up! You can access the skill menu with the magic button again (Esc) and then access it through the skill menu. How you skill your character is up to you…and yes, it is totally intended that you are not going to please everyone everytime!

  • “But Darktoz, I am always pleasing every woman in real life, and I want to play as myself in the game! I also don’t want to mine since battle is boring and I do not like RPG Maker Games anyway! I’m just here for the XXX scenes!”

Two options for you, hotshot: saveeditonline.com is the first one. Upload your save file (located n the folder www/save), and play with some of the variables like money or exp in order to be the charming superstar you are in real life.

Pretty much the same for the Cheat Code Engine Plugin on github, which is your 2nd option, but that one is a bit more advanced, you have to read it in order to understand, and I like to think that most of you who are looking for a simple, short way to beat the game are not into text that much…nonetheless, here you go: github.com/emerladCoder/RPG-Maker-MV-Cheat-Menu-Plugin

Allow me to say this: The game is pretty well paced, but a bit hard, especially for beginners. It should feel like you’re a slave in a mine, fighting for survival. No one said that this is going to be easy! Maybe you try a bit and actually fight for survival before you cheat right away, steamroll through the game and then complain how fast it was over.

Dark Elves

Ok, you got the basics down…let us jump into the current releases of Captured by Dark Elves! I won’t cover much of the combat since I think that it is pretty much self explaining. But I might give you some hints about the mining parts of the game. Basically it will be just a basic walkthrough of telling you where to go next and what will happen if you choose Option A instead of Option B, plus where to find all the good, optional stuff!

What? I’m talking too much? Fine. Let’s go!