Intro Episode – Captured by Dark Elves

Alright, Captured by Dark Elves…see if I can remember everything: After the intro is done and the mining music kicks in you find yourself in a small section of the mine. You can walk down to enter another area of it, and meet some more people, like Goren, the guy you were imprisoned with…or Lorian, the elven alchemist. You will find a skull in the south of the southern area.

Mining the black stones for obsidian is generally a better idea than mining the normal ones for iron ore. That is a valuable pro tip right here, that actually no other slave in this game tells you! So you heard it here first in this awesome walkthrough! Well, maybe the slaves thought you would be smart enough to find out yourself…but they also thought you would read the tutorial text. And that one did not contain any boobs…so it is mostly my fault that you didn’t read that, right?

After you discovered that there is no one to have sex with in the intro part of the mine and got yourself some skulls by mining your stamina bar empty (and maybe a little bit of your health since that bit gets healed when you sleep), you can talk to Khadra to sell your stuff and then talk to Elorae to finish your mining day! You can even talk to Elorae right away and try to smuggle all the ore past her. She will find everything when she searches you…but it’s all about the freedom of choice these days, right?

Now, here we are at the prison district. Walk around and talk a bit with the others. Yes, you are even allowed to talk to the dark elves. Samira will drag you into the torture chamber right away to tell you that life from now on is going to be…difficult for you.

Optional Scene: Talk with Talice for the TaliceXShyael scene

Optional Scene: Talk with Elorae and Please her (Level 1 Tongue Twirler required)

Optional: Lorian, the elven alchemist, will make some extra potions that are very helpful! If you bring him Nightshade, he will give you some of his potions for free in return. Also note that Elorae’s scene can also be triggered on the next day. If you don’t have leveled up yet, you might want to wait one day.

It’s best that you spend your hard earned skulls in Takashi’s little store. Especially bread and water will help you in the early levels for a small amount. You can talk to everyone and everybody…

Emoticons that are shown when you smalltalk are indicating if your relationship level with them is high enough or not or if you have a high enough ‘Charmer’ skill or not. But you don’t get positive or negative affection points for talking to them!

…and when you are done with everything for today, you will have to speak with Za’Ress. She will get you into your cell.

In the cell you have multiple options.

  • You can sleep. The best option to heal. Will restore a small amount of health and a good amount of stamina.
  • You can observe. That can trigger unique encounters with your captors. (Heal a very small amount of stamina and health whithout an encounter)
  • You can Train. That will give you 50 exp and a stunning sixpack.
  • You can Escape. Well, currently you can’t. Let us leave it as that for the moment!

Optional Scene: Talk with Za’Ress when Observing (I should say try to talk to…most that you can get out of her is a kick)

After whatever you choose, you will have to make another decision. Khadra and Malthara are arguing about who gets the new slave for the night. They will let you choose! You will get an affection bonus for your chosen dark elf!

Khadra Scene (Level 1 Endurance Required)

Malthara Scene (Level 1 Tongue Twirler Required)

“WAIT! WHAT? I am only Level 1 and have not even got the chance to level up either of these skills! I can’t please anyone! DARKTOZ!!! In real life I am always able to please anybody sexually!”

Now listen to great big brain Darktoz, who just read a thing or two about game design! You were supposed to fail in that encounter. Failing in this scene should just tell you that even pleasing them will be hard work and you have to step your game up…so far so good, right?

Then big brain Darktoz thought…well, of course there will be cheaters, so you have to still include the positive endings of the animation scenes. And then I thought…well, it’s not like it is fair for the powergamers either who want to achieve everything possible in the game. No one likes failure being the only option!

Long story short: You can actually level up on the first day. You have to get lucky with the RNG of the game (that means you have to get into a lot of fights and mostly drain your stamina and health down) and Level Up on the first day. Happens about 33% of the time if you’re pushing for it. If you want to be sure, you can savescum…and feel less like a cheater but still pretty low on the gamer’s food chain.

But it actually gives only a very minor affection boost or loss. So it’s completely up to you.

2nd day, same area. Mine clever, don’t drain your health. Even without it you should be able to easily get to Level 2! And getting to Level 2 is important!

You know the drill, give your ore to Khadra, earn some skulls, go to Elorae and back to the prison district.

Samira will warn you about an upcoming event, so you better make sure your health AND your stamina are at a good level!

Watch the AstridXZa’Ress Scene and after you done saying good night to everyone around you go into your cell again!

Optional Scene: Talk with Talice and she will order you to lick her feet (Level 1 Tongue Twirler Required)

After the weird voice in your head disappears you encounter Samira who seems to have some plans with you. She wants to give the audience a good show with you as the main fighter (or victim) in the arena. And just to make sure Samira wants to whip you right before that to drain your health. Which fails because…well you’ll see. You can get an affection boost with Charmer Level I here, but ultimately she will always drag you with her and kick you into the arena where you face: THE CRAWLER!

If you have a good amount of health and stamina, you can just spam your new skill: Double Swift Strike and the giant Crawler will fall! The crowd will be amazed by your fighting skills and you my friend…have completed the Intro Episode of Captured by Dark Elves!

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Facts: Old men with long, grey beards will tell you that when they were once captured by dark elves, Samira didn’t warn them about the upcoming arena event! And that the Crawler was a real threat, not the toothless, slow and chubby version you faced today! You had to actually manage your health and stamina perfectly and reload if you got unlucky in that fight! They will tell you that only their constant moaning and whining caused Darktoz to make the Intro Episode easier for the next generation…and they are right about that, so give them a hug and a dollar when you see one of them.