Alisha – Be her Foot Slave

Mistress Alisha Bennett – Dominant Foot Goddess

Alicia Foot SlaveAlisha has been growing up in the rough streets of downtown, she knows how to survive. She’s a tough person and can handle every situation, wether it’s staying off the radar from the police or putting weak foot slave bitches in their place. She is a hustler, always looking for new ways to make money. Having no real interest in trouble, she does enjoy rather calm and quiet places, and can often be found in the ‘Underpass’ of downtown when she’s not promoting or announcing an underground fight.

Foot Slave for Alisha

femdom foot slaveAlisha Bennett will sometimes pay foot slave servants of the underpass to worship her feet or lick her shoes. For more you have to get to know her better! She manages the underground fighting scene in Femdom City and is most likely looking for new prospects. But only tough male submissives get selected to fight in the underground arena. Being a foot slave and having worshipped Alisha’s feet won’t get you into the arena. But who knows, maybe if you make a name for yourself in Femdom City, she might offer you the chance to train in one of the gym’s and even offer you a chance to fight. If you can convince her that there is money to be made with you, she might start to see more in you than just a basic foot slave.

You can talk to her in the ‘Underpass’, where you will also find the job as a foot slave and boot worshipper. Don’t think you can ask her about fighting in the arena right away. It will take some days until she will even consider you as worthy. And even then, she might demand complex training from you first before you can even think of stepping one foot into the underground fighting arena of Femdom City!