Captured by Darkelves

The first big news right away: BDSM Gladiator will become Captured by Darkelves. Yes, you read it right. It makes a lot of sense and fantasy assets are just so much easier to find in good quality compared to roman assets. So while the Gameplay will stay almost the same, instead of a Domina you will have a female Drow Matriach enslaving you. Oh, and you will have to work in the mines when you’re not fighting other slaves and monsters for their amusement in the arena. I already have a good idea how I’ll implement that in the game…wait and see.

The Asylum is coming to an end. The big kinkster vote is already up, the first ending (Dr. Abusems Slave) is coming up soon. Lady of the Manor is placed on hold, because currently I am struggling with the new visual novel engine. I will need a bit more time, and it will take even more time until I can do raising sims with it.

Oh, and some exciting stuff for the future: I am negotiating with 2 game asset creators (one for maps, one for sprites), I am planning something pretty big…if everything works out, it will be something that hasn’t been done before…but there is a good chance that I will fail, so I better keep my mouth shut about this project until I have something that can be presented. It’s always too much projects, too little time 😀

Stay kinky and warm, it’s cold outside!


11 thoughts on “Captured by Darkelves”

  1. Will it be possible to get on the “slave chain” in this game and become instead of mining slave to a degree of the “royal bedwarmer of the Matriach”? Or game will not have a rank progression and you would stay an underground dirt?

    • While it is planned that you can even end up in the Matriachs bed, you will always be mining and fighting in the arena. It is planned that you can earn some privilegues, like a bed and your own cell…but I think when you will be the favourite slave of the matriach that she just needs to stay in her chamber, than that will be one possible ending of the game.

      • Or maybe a potential for the next game? Like you would get out of the pits and will have an experience of living in a dark elf city. Not sure if you are familiar with Warhammer 40k lore, but some kind of dangerous, creepy and sadistic city like Commoragh, making you wish that you’ve stayed back in a pits http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Commorragh

        • That sounds exactly like my kind of city :D. I have to be careful to not get caught up in too many projects though, currently it’s even hard to work at two at the same time 😉

      • I would say that whole Dark Eldar/Slaanesh theme might inspire you for very interesting ideas in the future fantasy games. First one are kinky as fuck and ultimate sadistic race that can exist only if they will torture people and other are giantic demonic cult worshipping a hermophradite god of pleasure, and sex is very important part of their cult.

  2. Btw, I have a question, hope you dont mind. Where are you looking for 3d models, like these drow elves, latex clothed characters etc? Can you recommend few sites?

    • Mmh…you’re not one of my patreon supporters, are you? Because I’ve already said that in one of my previous posts. Anyway, Daz3D.com is the place to go.

      • Thanks for the site name. Nah, I’ve tried free day 1 and reaslised that I am not really into clinic/asylum setting, but I am certainly into fantasy. Cant wait for this game to come out, hope there will be some kind of public test to get the idea what the game about before deciding to joing patreon.

  3. Will be there anothar jobs for slaves? They could work in brothel. too. Or be spies for drows in native country. Fight againts own people for mistress. Its quite challenge, choose to serve in lands, where they should betray and be free.

    • There will be small jobs, but it will be fighting in the arena, spying on other slaves in the mine etc, The game will take place in the underdark, not in the outside world.

  4. I thought only about some another regular job in undedark brothel, as sexual slave, and some missions for slaves in outside worlds.

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