Captured by Darkelves

The first big news right away: BDSM Gladiator will become Captured by Darkelves. Yes, you read it right. It makes a lot of sense and fantasy assets are just so much easier to find in good quality compared to roman assets. So while the Gameplay will stay almost the same, instead of a Domina you will have a female Drow Matriach enslaving you. Oh, and you will have to work in the mines when you’re not fighting other slaves and monsters for their amusement in the arena. I already have a good idea how I’ll implement that in the game…wait and see.

The Asylum is coming to an end. The big kinkster vote is already up, the first ending (Dr. Abusems Slave) is coming up soon. Lady of the Manor is placed on hold, because currently I am struggling with the new visual novel engine. I will need a bit more time, and it will take even more time until I can do raising sims with it.

Oh, and some exciting stuff for the future: I am negotiating with 2 game asset creators (one for maps, one for sprites), I am planning something pretty big…if everything works out, it will be something that hasn’t been done before…but there is a good chance that I will fail, so I better keep my mouth shut about this project until I have something that can be presented. It’s always too much projects, too little time 😀

Stay kinky and warm, it’s cold outside!