creating 3D Erotic Content

Maybe you want to start doing some erotic content yourself? It might help reading this, because I thought about how to create erotic content for a long time. When you are a beginner, like myself, and you cannot draw anything, like myself, a good option is to pick up some of the cheap 3d render programs out there. The ones I personally favour are Daz3D and Poser Pro 11. While Poser costs usually about 300-400 Bucks (you can sometimes pick it up in a sale, I got it for 140!), Daz is free!

I decided to start out with Poser. This has various reasons, the main one being able to render faster with my old laptop. I tried to get good quality images with Daz’s render engine (Nvidia Iray) and it takes forever…hours! The second thing is that only the base program is free, the good quality stuff like all the add-ons for the Daz3D Base Figure Genesis 3 cost money, and they cost a lot.

But if you have a monster of a graphic card and you want the best quality, I would definetly recommend Daz!

The reason I went with Poser is that it renders extremely fast, even on my old computer. The render engine is producing extremely good quality images and doesn’t often take more than 2 minutes. When you go with the old base models Victoria 4 and Michael 4, you can get a ton of free stuff, even on the shop at ( and are 2 other main adresses to get good quality stuff cheap or even free, as well as some other sites). Unfortunetly you cannot get them for free anymore at Daz. If you picked them up a while ago for free, then lucky you. It is still a very good figure to go with, a lot of assets, skins and clothing etc. are available in good quality. And if you see pictures from other artists, you know this model can look as good as the new Genesis 3 model!

You have to say that Poser lost the race for good quality content. Genesis 3 is the new thing and a lot of content artists are now switching over. But the content for V4 and M4 is a lot cheaper, and there is an endless amount as well.

So it all comes down to personal preference. There are some minor differences between Poser and Daz (Lights, Library, we already talked about the different render engines…actually the differences are not that minor). But basically I would say that it comes down to what kind of render engine you want to use. Daz comes with Nvidia Iray (which is the best quality and takes forever to render without a monster pc) and 3Delight (which I never liked, just not my type…is not looking good for me and takes too long), Poser comes with the new Superfly (which is awesome quality and renders pretty fast) and firefly (My favourite! Looks awesome and is extremely fast. Short animations are possible because of the fast rendering).

Oh, and you should build yourself an opinion. What I just wrote down is my personal preference. And I am just starting out so I am not really qualified for giving out advice. But I felt to write down why I chose Poser and why I am planning to switch to Daz in the future. You however, can do whatever you want, just be sure to start…