Day 2 final Version 1.3…and some other stuff!

The final Version of Day Two is released and can be played by everyone who pledges 1$. Kinkster Patreons (5$) will get to decide how the last warden will look like. She’s not really a warden, more of a coordinator and a supervisor. You’ll know what I mean when you finally find yourself in the basement of the asylum.

The final version also has 2 additional scenes! One bad ending with Rose (the girl you can see on the picture) and another videotape (a really long one this time) called ‘Android Takeover’.

The story line of Day 3 is also finished, it is all scripting and 3D rendering now. And when I’m not working on the asylum, I’m working my two other projects: Futanari Wars and Darkworld. Mostly Darkworld by now since Visual Novel Maker still isn’t released yet (I’m getting impatient…but it has been 8 months now. The enthusiasm I would have needed to learn Ren’Py is gone, and Tyranobuilder has not enough features! There is no other option but to wait and hope!).

I am working on two characters right now. One is my very own version of Xena, The warrior princess. She would be perfect for a BDSM/Femdom themed Fantasy Game like mine and I’m actually pretty close to make her look the way that I want her to look! The other is not really a character but a whole race: Futanari Centaurs…not the cute hentai ones, I’m talking Darktoz style 😉 ! Giant cocks, mean looks, big horns on their heads and a general hate towards men! Ohhh…they are going to be sooo good! Well, in my fantasy, at least. I’ve found a free centaur morph (I think I even posted it somewhere, way back in time), but since I’m raising my bar in terms of render quality, I have to find something better!

What else? Oh, we are at 150 Patreon Supporters right now. And we are constantly growing. I would love it if you decide to become part of the community and discuss with me and the other supporters what should be happening in Darkworld and Futanari Wars (still not happy with both names…I have to change them before they begin to stuck in my head), and the last days of the Asylum, of course!

Enjoy the day, and stay kinky!