Delay…always sucks!

femdom with gore violence knifes and an amazon killerwoman

– “So, where is the demo of the game?”

– “Oh shit! Wait, let me explain!”


I know, I know…Sorry guys, I know I’ve not updated the site for nearly 3 weeks. I don’t want to bother you with family issues, let’s just say I had some problems to deal with. These problems have been dealt with, and I am ready to catch up. The demo is almost done. You will be able to play the intro and the first two levels…which is not much but I think it gives you a good clue of what to expect. It is about 30-60 minutes of gametime. I hope that when the game is finished, it will entertain you for 5-8 hours.

I won’t say when it will be released, since I fucked that up already. I want to release the demo when I made good progress with my game, when it is almost complete. So that people know what they are getting. I hope it will be very soon, but you never know what happens. But I promise to update my website and my blog at least every week with a new picture and some update about my progress.

I have so many ideas for future games it is getting way out of control. I think once I release the game I will put a poll up on this website to let you decide which game is going to be next. But first of all I have to complete my first game, which is still a lot of work to do.

Time to get to work again!