New Asylum Release, Patreon, Updates and more…

Wow, I just realized that I haven’t updated this page in a while. Shame on me, but I get so busy with patreon already that it is hard to find the time to post here as well.

First up, the new ending is released. It is the first of a total of 16 endings, and it is quite extended. The ending features over 200 renderpictures and more than femdom 15 scenes (16, to be exact 😀 😀 ). It has a very nice mechanic, but I don’t want to explain too much, just play it yourself ;).

Then there was a lot of trouble with patreon.com. They announced to basically increase the fees to a point where it was hard for supporters on a budget to keep supporting many creators. A few days and a huge shitstorm later, patreon finally says that they will revert these changes – thank god.

Here is a small comic stripe of the infiltration squad I wanted to send to the patreon headquarters in order to make them revert the changes…gladly they already did that on their own 😉 :


Then we hit the next stretch goal (which is quite an achievement during the patreon crisis) which means I do not only have to manage the endings of the asylum and the new game captured by dark elves…and learning to code, but I also have to learn how to use Photoshop. So much things to do, and so little time. Like always.

There is another thing that always bothers me. I have collected quite a nice library of bdsm 3d assets. Especially for femdom scenes. But something is still missing, and that is quite an important one: A chastity device! This is the only thing that I can’t find anywhere. So if someone knows where I can get a chastity device for the old M4 model or the erogenesis TAB penis for Poser, then please let me know in the comments. I have almost giving up searching.

That’s it guys. Remember to CLICK HERE to support me, so that Femdom, Futanari and Domination games will still be coming up in the future. Remember to buy your christmas presents early because it saves a lot of time and stress, remember to make a To Do list for 2018 and remember to…

…stay kinky!

4 thoughts on “New Asylum Release, Patreon, Updates and more…”

  1. Do you need a specific 3d chastity for specific body model or would like to see any kind of them, maybe contact creators that made it/found for other type of body? Because I know a creator from skyrim modding scene that made amazing set of chastity devices for males/futa. And for females there are also shitton of them.

    • I need a chastity device for the old male Michael 4 Model for Daz3D, usable in Poser Pro. For female models I got one already.

      The thing is that Poser can’t handle objects well that are specifically made for Daz3D’s Iray Render Engine…and almost anybody just makes assets for this engine these days.

  2. You may have noticed I deleted my patreon account since I don’t really trust these guys. I was thinking maybe waiting a couple weeks before deciding to do business again with them as I don’t wanna be blindsided by some other shady business move. Glad to hear you’re still doing well!

    • Glad to hear you’re still around. Miss your input and your presence in the comments, especially since we are starting with Captured by Dark Elves, talking about what should be in there. Hope you’re doing well, too. Merry Christmas, Moto!

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