Not fast enough

muscular femdom female domination

I really tried to rush things this time to see how fast I can get a small scene done. And I have to admit…that I spent more than 2 hours on this one! 2 Hours! ! ! I mean, look at it, it does still look grainy, the facial expression isn’t very emotional and I still think that my backgrounds suck ass! Damnit, I have to admit that things are not looking good for releasing a short game demo of my first ever femdom fetish video game at the end of january…but I have not given up on that deadline. I think I can do it, so maybe it is best to relax, calm down, buy a good skin for V4 at renderosity and start again tomorrow with a nice fantasy femdom picture. I am thinking about a cruel female dark elf or something similar…but I always get distracted when I find other assets that I could make good use of. And there is so much stuff that I am in need of, but I always forget buying…hair for example. It really makes a difference. There is some quality hair out there, but I think I will have to invest in some quality hairstyles if I don’t want my women to end up bald in the end.

I think I have a good idea to make the next image much better looking…but I did already improve a bit on the lighting. Still much work to do so I better stop typing and get back to rendering 😉

  • Darktoz