Saragoth, Website Updates and more…

Before we start, some news for this website. I will not post game relevant updates on this website anymore and instead use it for lore and backstories for my games (and for the demo versions). Game Updates, updates on votes and polls and other stuff will be patreon exclusive.

Lore and backstories? Yes, I have two pretty big games coming up (well, by coming up I mean I will start to create them soon 😉 it’s not like they are in a presentable state). Let us talk about the first one: Saragoth – The Tortured Realm (formely known as Darkworld)! I always wanted to create a dark fantasy game, full of evil races and creatures. Demons, humans, orcs, elves, barbarians, dark elves, vampires, necromancer, dragons and other monsters (yes, you might have seen some of them, like the giant snakewoman or the female spider on my instagram account). Races like the orcs, elves and demons will be mixed races (female/futanari)…and there will be a lot of Femdom and BDSM in it (oh yes…it is called the tortured realm for a reason). Right now I am working on a very unique look and also on the main story and some lore…like the order you belong to: The Painseekers!


I have some really big plans for Saragoth, things like a skill tree, crafting, enjoyable but challenging combat, decisions and lots of sex, torture, slavery and all the other fun stuff! The good thing is that we can really get creative here, no limits. So if you want to have a giantess, a female werewolf or a witch of the wild in this game, just let me know.
Painseeker MistressI think that’s all. I am working on the orcs right now, as well as the barbarians. When I’m not working on Day 4, of course. But like I said, will be only used for stories, lore, artwork and demo content in the future…and I think it is time for a little redesign ;).

Painseeker FemdomRemember that there is a big vote on Patreon right now of what the next Short Stories Setting will be. Will it be dominant Futanari or Femdom? 5 different options are waiting to be created ;). Your support helps a lot, so please click on the giant patreon button below. And as always, remember to…

…stay kinky!


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  1. “things like a skill tree, crafting, enjoyable but challenging combat, decisions and lots of sex, torture, slavery and all the other fun stuff!”

    Easy there. Start on the small scale , one feature at a time otherwise this will have the same follow the same story as other forum games have. Too much work load on a single developer.

    • Yes, the workload could be a problem, but I think it is doable. I am going to work part time on my job from november till january, that means more time that I can invest in creating my games. Plus skills and crafting have to be implemented right from the start, as well as the combat system…

  2. well i hope i dont get hate for what im about to say but someone have to say it some changes need to be done in your Patreon i know u say every support matters and it does matter. but thats wont work if you really want to quit your job and give all your time creating games and even hire more people to help could take i Suggest that u make small changes 1$ Supporter can play the game 3$ gamer get the game 10 days earlier and that’s enough no pole make the vote right 5$+only (all votes) and people dont really care about being in wall of thanks they want to enjoy…so why u dont give the 10$ the right to vote + playing the game 20 days earlier and some exclusive gifts..
    there is nothing bad in that the vast majority of game creator ask for 20 and 30$ for what u offer for 3 and 5 and i was about to ask you to do the same but i know this not gonna happen not now anyway so at least consider making this small changes i told u. people who loves your games will always support u.

    • I always said changes will be made after the asylum is done. But the changes you are asking for are already implemented? Voting is for 5$ only, 3$ get it 10 days earlier….

  3. Well, I think Darktoz said in one of his early posts that he rather likes to do things on his own and rather learns new stuff himself instead of hiring others. But I agree with JED. Some peoples lowest tiers start at 10$+. I am currently pledging 5, and I would pledge more of course, but 5 gives me all I need: all games, early access, voting in polls. I don’t want to be credited in your games…that is why I’m not pledging 10.

    • I think at some point I would hire a hentai artist just because I can’t draw and I love artwork. But this artist would have to be cheap, fast and good. and that is a combination that is impossible to find. So I think I will just keep improving my own 3D renders!

      Well, you can pledge 10 and just tell me that you don’t want to be credited 😉 but I get your point. But right now I am still doing this in my free time, so wait until november when I go part time on my projects 🙂

  4. well first its good that you will make changes after the asylum end second not all votes are for 5+ some poll are for 1
    and i have notice that everytime you do the 5$ poll it get better but when u do the 1$ like this one the support get low again and lose the new goal reached…thats it.
    keep up the good work

    • Yeah, but that poll was for an important that influenced a future game and one that was already announced…and that affected all patrons. The support does not get lower after these polls, but it gets lower after the first day of a new month. It happens to all patreon creators with >100 supporters. You lose about 5-10% of all patrons, because the first of the month is when they get charged money. It is a shame, but it happens to every patreon creator, you can look it up at 🙂

  5. This page now missing few pictures, I believe. Where “painseeker” “painseeker mistress” and “painseeker femdom”.

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