Sissy Training – Blue Oyster Bunny

Sissy Training – Blue Oyster Bunny

Female WorshipTrain your sissification skills at the famous strip club of downtown, the ‘Blue Oyster’. Become a Blue Oyster Bunny and work a 6 hour shift where you have to serve drinks, dance and entertain the guests of this club. Do everything you have to do to make and keep the costumers happy.

This sissy training job doesn’t let you keep the tips that you are earning, but you get a fixed payment for the 6 hour shift and while the humiliation is higher than on other downtown female worship jobs (because most women will objectify you and ask for some humiliating tasks, most of them will grab and touch you if they feel like it), but the risk is lower.

Your sissy training will eventually lead to you having to dance more and more for the costumers, maybe even some performances on the pole. But also serving drinks fast and without dropping anything, keeping the composure while walking in high heels is crucial in this job. Being a Blue Oyster Bunny isn’t easy, and further sissy training is required to advance to higher paid maid jobs.

sissy trainingYou will also have to clean this place from time to time, as well as doing some tasks for the other stuff, especially the star strippers Betty Mayhem and Lilith. Both are known to be rather…demanding when it comes to submissive males. Keep that in mind when you decide to work as a Blue Oyster Bunny. If that kind of sissy training job is the one for you, you can at least expect a solid payment after every shift. If sissification isn’t what you’re into, maybe the House of Pain is worth a visit.

Be sure to keep a low profile in the club. Some of the visiting Futanari can become predators when they see cute prey…and being dressed as a bunny doesn’t make things easier for you!