Slow and steady

Ok, I started to make some images. Finally! That is the good news. The bad news is: They look horrible. Just not good at all. This is turning out to be more difficult than I thought. Here is my first small comic page I created to test my skills…

Femdom whipping

Doesn’t look too good, right? Yeah, I know. To be honest I thought that things would be easier. I really have to learn Poser from the ground and up, otherwise I will not improve very fast. But on the other hand…this is the first image I’ve done. Many will follow and I still believe I will get better very, very fast. It is not that I can start out with a Femdom/Fetish/BDSM/Shemale Game right away, but I don’t think it can’t be done in the near future. I just have to work hard on my skillset and make some progress.

I figured out that picking up only free stuff and stuff that is very cheap might be the wrong way. You have to spend at least a little bit of money to get good results with the skin for example. I might be going for a set of extra facial expressions, too. It would be also good to buy 1-2 nice hairstyles. I only got the christmas-freebies from Daz right now, and a few have been found elsewhere on the internet (one is actually very good, check sharecg and the freestuff section from renderosity).

Yeah, all in all I am not very happy with my results. But that doesn’t drag me down. It will only push me to work harder. I will post this as motivation. And so that everyone can see my progress.