Starting out right now!

Hey, I am Darktoz and I want to create games and 3D art about female domination, dominant shemales and some of my other fetishes. I always wanted to do that, and now that I picked up Poser for a good price (got it on a christmas sale), I think I am ready to start. First of my posts will be about my progress, I will not start making games until I am satisfied with my artwork. Since I want to be on patreon later on, I will produce very good quality images and movies (at least I hope so).

I always wanted to play games about my fetish (which is mostly femdom related, dominant females teasing, dominating and torturing men…well, and also scenarios like two dominant shemale centaur fucking a tied up male…you know, the usual stuff ;), but figured out there isn’t much out there. I already made small games for friends and communities, so I hope I am capable of developing an enjoyable erotic game.

I have already planned a few things, even some very big projects. But right now I have to take one step after another and not even think about big projects. I think it is best to post even my first work even though it might be a bit embarassing. I have always been a fan of a very methodic approach and this will help me to see my progress and where I can improve.

I know right now I am the only one who reads this right now, but maybe in the next months people want to see how this all started so there we go, it all started with this post.

  • Darktoz