Starting out with animation and gamemaking…

I am finally getting the results that I want. Now I can start with getting into more…extreme stuff. And I will now start with the other part I have to learn: Animation. I think my games will need a lot of videos in order to make them enjoyable…videos with good and fluent motion. And that will be a serious challenge. But I am up to it, I think I can get this done.

10 days have passed since I have started the DARKTOZ project, and I am proud of my progress. I will start with the development of my first game right now, and I really hope I can release a short demo in the end of January. But, as always, let us take one step after the other. Animations will be a difficult task and I am not sure how quick I will get this done. They will take a lot longer than images, that’s for sure. But if done well, they can draw some attention to this site and my project.

I have also finished gathering materials for my first femdom videogame. Still have to look out for some good quality sound and music, but I have almost all the ingame graphics I need! It will a rpg type game and the setting will be the near future. But I’ll give out more infos about it when I’m making progress.  So stay tuned for updates 😉

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