The Asylum – Dr. Horney’s Ending!


The next ending is finally released and ready to be played on Patreon.com/Darktoz Dr. Horney wants you to be her secretary!

Ending contains: Humiliation, Chastity Play, Cunnilingus, Facesitting, Femdom, Strapon, Hypnosis and many other fetishes!

I have loads and loads of stuff to work on these days…The Asylum, Captured by Dark Elves, new secret game, other secret game, Guides and Walkthroughs for the the existing games, negotiating with map and sprite artists and working on a new layout for the homepage…oh, and I wanted to get into making a few comics…at least that was one of the goals set for 2018, I haven’t really started on that one.

I tried to integrate patreon in this existing homepage somehow, but it didn’t work. Since I’ve decided that my games will become playable for everyone, I will keep future updates, polls and exclusive renders Patreon-Only Content, which means I will use this page to display and present all my games, making them downloadable for everyone, but comments and the updates section won’t be there for much longer.

Yes, so much stuff to do, so little time, like it always is…

Stay kinky!



7 thoughts on “The Asylum – Dr. Horney’s Ending!”

  1. Fucking Patron! I can not log into my account, writes .Your account has been disabled. If you believe this is in error, please visit our Help Center at http://support.patreon.com/
    Sorry, but I do not know what happened to my promise to you.Already sent a request to restore the account, but I’m very upset by this situation ((((( What I’ve done?! Maybe yesterday I zashol from two browsers on Patreon? I do not know all of your rights Patreon…I just wanted to notify you, maybe I’ll have to create a new account, I’m terribly upset … My nickname is Shaha_av82. In any case, I will find a solution. because I’m a big fan of your work

    • I recognize you, you were the one who always said ‘sorry for my bad english I’m using google translator’ :D. Don’t worry, I’m sure if you send the support a message, they will find a solution and restore your account. It will take a bit of time…and when it doesn’t work, then just message me either here or on patreon, and I will talk with the support myself. Don’t worry 🙂

  2. account recovered))) What kind of girl is this? in the picture, the one that comes from the top in the middle, in blue. I played for two hours and there was no scene with her …

    • A policewoman that likes to take some anger out on you and kicks you in your balls…you might just had bad luck with the scenes because they are randomly selected. There are a total of 16-17 scenes I think

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