The next game…

I am still thinking about the scenario that my next game will be about. Which is not very good right now because instead of gathering materials that I need I just randomly select and buy material that I like. Mostly on Daz right now since I am planning to switch from poser to DAZ3D. The image quality is better, it takes a lot of time to render and it has just tons and tons of fun assets for wicked adult scenarios.

Maybe too much. It is not that I have no ideas for my next game, it is that I have too much and can’t decide. A prison scenario? Mental Asylum? Hell? Maybe a combination of two different settings? I don’t know, maybe I will let my patrons decide.

There is also a new game engine coming out in the next few days/weeks, so I will have a close look at that and if it will be worth the investment. Until then I will upload some of the test results while I try to get comfortable with Daz3D.

Stay kinky!

  • Darktoz