Thinking ahead…too far!

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Ok, I have to admit that right now things are taking way longer than expected. Especially designing levels for my game. I think I am at 2-3 hours gametime right now…considering the fact that I want it to be about 5 hours long…I am just halfway there. Well, that isn’t true because things like music, sound, gameengine, fight system and these things are done. I hope I can release it soon, but I doubt that it will be in february. I am quite sure it will be ready for a release in march, but I won’t promise anything.

So, what do you do when you should spend all your energy on your current game? Yes, you should definetly make plans about the next one! I have hundreds of different scenarios, but I think it will come down to 3 options for my next game. I will release option 2 and 3 in the next days so You can spend some time on thinking about what you would like the most. Then I will make a poll so you can vote for your favourite scenario.

So what is option 1? I call it ‘Captured by Darkelves’. You have been hunted down and enslaved by beautiful, deadly dark elves. Imprisoned in an underground dungeon you have to survive their cruel torture while you are forced to work in the mines, digging for artifacts.

I wasn’t sure between darkelves and female orcs. I am still a bit unsure…I had an idea making a game with orcs AND darkelves in it. But look at the facts: One and a half months have passed since I started working on my game…and so far I am aiming for a release in march. So that will be more than two months spend on a very simple femdom game. I think it is best to take one step after another, and that means one race is easier to implement than two! Option 1 will be darkelves only and in the future there might be a successor called ‘Orcs vs. Darkelves’.

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