What is Darktoz about?

What is Darktoz?

I created Darktoz to follow one of my dreams: Creating videogames with fetish sex content like femdom, BDSM, shemale domination and many other fetishes. My goal is to create fun and arousing games around these fetishes and become so good at it that people might be interested to support me so I can invest more and more time into creating these types of games.

Hentai and erotic games are rare, and they are even rarer when you’re searching for games with a specific fetish. I have always been into femdom, bondage, bdsm and other fetish stuff and I love artworks and comics about these fetishes. I always looked for games that implemented for example female domination, since there are so many scenarios and settings possible. But I think good hentai/erotic games are so rare that most of the developers focus on the popular fetishes like vanilla sex, MILF etc.

So instead of complaining about it, I thought to myself: Let’s change that! I picked up RPG Maker (I hope Visual Novel Maker will come out soon, giving me an additional engine to work with) and Poser (3D Rendering Software) as well as a lot of 3D Assets and started developing in January 2017. I underestimated how long it takes to get comfortable with both RPG Maker and Poser, But I managed to release my first game “Femdomstories: BDSM Tournament” in the end of March. I’ve learned a lot about both software engines during that time and I am now quite confident that I can develop fun, kinky fetish games. I have started Patreon in April 2017, so that people can support these games and help improving them! So if you want to participate in this journey and help creating these type of games, you might want to consider becoming a patreon. And if not, feel free to play the free demos of the games, check my artwork on instagram (well, most of my stuff isn’t there, you know why ;), deviantart or tumblr or read my blog. Stay kinky!

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