1, 2 or 3? Who is Elaine?

I am making rather good progress with my game. I try to work on it at least two hours a day, that’s difficult during the week, but doable. The main asylum maps are finished, even the outside area is done and looks great. It is not like BDSM Tournament where you entered the room through one door then left through another and never entered that room again. You will be in an asylum with 4 floors (in the beginning…you will unlock some other floors when you making progress in the game throughout the days), an outside area and a lot of rooms to explore.

I think I’ll have all characters done in the next 3 days. At least all for day 1. There might be some characters that don’t appear on day 1, but on later days. Maybe someone wants to visit the asylum, a pair of nuns, maybe? Who knows…could be another decision for my patreons, I am not sure yet.

Speaking of patreon decisions: I wasn’t sure what the last character should look like. And since I hit that 50 patreons mark yesterday (YES, BIG THANK YOU! I love that we are growing fast), I thought it would be nice to let you guys decide what she’ll look like in the final game! I got a favourite myself, but I have a feeling that she won’t be picked.

What else? Still having issues finding the right music for this project I pick up some good tracks here and there, but it just isn’t enough. And when you waste your time browsing the web for royalty free music you can spend hours without finding anything. That’s just frustrating.

But trust me, I will find something that will fit the setting, and if I have to sing myself (for the true horror 😀 ). Until then…

Stay kinky!

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  1. Hello Darktoz

    First off, I found your game only yesterday and it was insanely fun to play it.
    I’m producing music in my off time and wanted to offer to make some soundtracks for your future game? Just tell me what kind of music you looking for. Would love to contribute to your game!
    Anyways, thx for all the effort, looking forward to your future games

    • Sounds nice. For my future game I think I have already all the sound I need (very dark and futuristic), but you can never have enough variety. Where can I check out your stuff? Do you have a website or a blog?

      • Sorry for my late reply. I have to admit, I may have been in over my head at the time I posted the comment ^^. I’m playing piano in a band and I started working on a soundboard latly, experimenting really. I am just very fond of your game and your project as a whole. I’ll join you on parteon soon (probably start of July sometime, really busy at the moment and have to set up patreon first) and I’ll send you a soundtrack I had in mind (no, sadly I don’t have a website)

        Yours truly and looking forward to future games!

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