100 Patreons! Day 2 is as good as done!

Yes, yes…I know. I’m not updating frequently enough. First of all: I got 100 Patreons (patreons or patrons, what are they called?)! It feels soooo good that there are more than one hundred people out there, willing to support my work. Thanks for everyone who decided to support me. You’re the reason why I’m doing this.

Now, I was so busy finishing Day 2 that the last days were really a pain in the ass. It really ended up being work and not being fun. Especially the beta testing was something that was just painful. And I did a horrible job at it, because while Day 2 was bugfree, Day 1 got corrupted twice. But now it is all done, Day 2 is ready to be played.

I will add 3-4 more scenes to the game. I want to do an additional video, that can be found in the archive (a short story about robots, maybe), a bad ending triggered by the rubber nurse on Floor B1 and another bullying scene with Selina (maybe joined by Nikki?). And then I can really kick back and relax….for about an hour. Then I will start with Day 3!

Right now I got a minute to work on my secret project…pssst, don’t tell anybody. I hope I can show you some pictures after I finished all the additional scenes for the asylum.

And what about Futanari Assault? Well, as you all remember, in early January (ok, no one remembers that) I said that I’m waiting for a second game engine: Visual Novel Maker. Visual Novel Maker was the reason I started this whole thing. To be honest I only picked up RPG Maker MV because Visual Novel Maker wasn’t out yet. Now half a year has passed, and they still haven’t released it yet. I was sure they were going to release it on Steam Summer Sale…would have made perfect sense. But no, still no release. I  wanted to do Futanari Assault with that engine…but maybe I should give up on that and just use RPG Maker again, like I do with the Asylum and my secret project…

And there is another problem: The Hero! So far, I only did first person renders for my games. You never saw the face of the hero (you) in any render. That will change. It will be a mixture of first and third person renders! Some of you might now my short comic strips from deviant art. That’s exactly what I want to do in my game renders as well…when I need immersion in a scene I will switch to POV, but when a scene is more complex and you need a better view, it will be 3rd person!  But in order to do that I need a hero figure that almost everyone can identify with. The only male figure that I’m satisfied with so far is the one of Jason from the asylum. I need to look out for some interesting M4 characters for Poser Pro (my render engine).

Well, that’s it for today…sorry that you had to wait that long for an update! Day 2 is ready to be played now and available for 3$+ Patreons. It will become available for all Patreons on the 12th of july! Non-patreons get nothing but this beautiful picture. But I already gave you full Day 1 for free, so don’t say I’m giving you nothing! And now…time to go 3D shopping for some laboratory torture devices for Day 3!

Stay kinky!

  • Darktoz


  1. Hi there.
    How can i play the full version of bdsm tournment?
    What shall i do for it?



        • One dollar includes the right to play all my games! If you pledge 3 dollar, you get the newest version 10 days earlier, if you give 5$ you can vote for new characters, specific scenes and so on. It’s all displayed on patreon.com/darktoz.

          • No problem. You can do everything you want. The payment will be renewed every month! So you can decide every month if you want to pledge or not. You can for example pledge 3$, download the full version of BDSM Tournament and the new version of ‘The Asylum’, and then stop pledging. No problem. Or you pledge every month, become a part of the community and decide with all the others about the future of my games 😉

          • Automatically or do. I have to Renew this billing ?

            One question steht Asylum wehere can find the Guy for the doctor. I think he left outside?
            Great games

          • That is automatically, unless you choose to do it manually. It is all explained on patreon.com

            Yes, Jack is outside. You have get food for the dogs so that mary lets you go outside. The dog food is in the canteen, you need to find the key for the door first

  2. what a nice game.thank you for your efforts.
    I there a way to see the video torturing scenes( violett with shotgun)
    seperately ?

    greeting hero

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