62%…Elaine 3!

Option 3 won by 62%. I thought the decision would be closer, but I guess it is a good thing when over 60 percent get to meet their favourite Elaine ingame. As she points out on the picture above, you’ll have to help her out first. She will be locked up in a padded cell when you meet her the first time. Maybe she’ll tell you why she’s in there, the padded cell is an unusual place to be for a warden of the asylum.

I have completed all the maps and all the character figures and busts.  I think it was a good idea to go with character busts instead of just faces (like in BDSM Tournament)…that turned out to be a bit more work but it is way more appealing to look at the whole figure than just a small face in the dialogue box. I will go with that for the next games as well. And I finally found a music pack that might be worth purchasing for this game. Not quite sure about it yet, some of the preview songs are good, some just don’t fit the setting. And it is always a guessing game when you have only 5 preview tracks for 35 music themes.

All that is left for this game are the renderscenes and the quests. Well, that’s more than enough. I know that the renderscenes will take a lot of time and since this game won’t have combat sequences, the quests have to be fun…not boring and repetetive 😉 . So there is a lot of work to do. Until then…

Stay kinky!

  • Darktoz



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