Welcome to ‘The Asylum’!

As promised, you can download and play the intro of the new game ‘Fetish Stories: The Asylum’ now. The game itself will be divided in episodes, each day in the asylum will be one episode. Right now I am aiming for 5-7 episodes. Think of a Telltale Game, I try to do it the same way, so that you can continue with your savegame once the new episode is released.

I am thinking of releasing Day 1 for free, Day 2-7 will be for my patreons. But I can think of that when Day 1 is actually ready, and that might take more time than I expected. This game is different to BDSM Tournament, it has no combat sequences in it and it is not that linear. Also, in BDSM Tournament you got to see all the cutscenes, wether you wanted it or not. This will be different this time, depending on the choices you make. At least this is how I planned it. Lots and lots of work to do, so I better get right back to it!

 Oh, I almost forgot: CLICK HERE TO PLAY THE INTRO

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  1. soo we will have to download every episode from your patreon or the episodes will be automatically downloaded like from telltale games

    • LOL

      you know that telltalegames only automatically update because theyre on steam, right? next, ask him about an option for your oculus rift 😀

      • Maybe I was making too many telltale references lately 😉 . But yes, I don’t think my games will be available on steam any time soon 😀

    • I don’t know. It depends on many things…mostly on how much time I am able to spend on this project this month.

    • Yeah, there is a chance that I’ll do that. But if it is going to happen, it’s going to happen when I released 2-3 other games that have another quality than bdsm tournament. And that will take time.

    • @Darktoz: Why would you do that? All you ask for is 1$. If people don’t even want to give you that one single buck then why reward them with a free game?

      • trust me, when I have released all episodes of the asylum and 1-2 other games, no one will care about bdsm tournament anymore. The next games will be on another level of quality.

      • Because word of mouth exists.

        Making the older games free after new games arrive is a great way to get more traffic going about.

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