Day 3 is RELEASED!

I’m very glad to say that Day 3 is finally released and can be downloaded and played right now. Everything works…your old savegames, the game itself, even that brainwashing video. No bugs this time, all in all I’m very pleased with this release. I already got a lot of messages and positive feedback (and the only complaint was that it was too short and they want more, which is also a compliment to me. I would be sad if the response would be:  *Bah, felt too long this time*).

Although it is the shortest of the 3 episodes, it is by far my favourite, just because of the important choices you make. There are some key actions you have to do in order to get your favourite warden/mistress/nurse to help you. Only a few, though…some others like Elaine or Melanie Horney still have to be convinced in the next episode 😉

So everything good? There is a video in Day 3, and that video was a pain in the ass. It was fun to make, no doubt. The problem was rendering it and getting it into the game. The real video had a high resolution, and whispering robot voices that constantly said things like “OBEY” and “SUBMIT” in your ear…but that somehow always ended up completely muted when I rendered the video. SO I took it out. Then I had to crop it down, because RPG Maker MV would not play it otherwise. Then I had to re-render it because RPG Maker MV only plays the .webm format desktop games (I mean, seriously…WTF? WEBM!? Didn’t even know that existed).

Then I finally got it into the game…and what can I say…RPG Maker MV makes it so you can’t skip the video when you don’t want to see it (yeah, right, you can’t press ENTER, ESC or anything…the game doesn’t care)…and while it is running the game jumps right to the next scene, it doesn’t wait until the video is finished! There is a plugin for the old RPG Maker VX ACE that gets rid of the exact same problem, can someone please make that for RPG Maker MV as well? Damn you, RPG Maker makers! You cost me a lot of sleep in the last days!

That’s all. More updates coming up…maybe even a small comic, because I think I have something to celebrate in the next Days 😉

Stay kinky!


      • i was hoping that day 3 is the last day where we get the END and u can start the other 2 games futanari war and the darkworld games…but gess ur planning to make day 4 and meybe 5 🙁

        • Yes, I do. Trust me, it is a good thing…because I plan to take the next step with these next games (that means photoshop, more SFX sounds, better renders, maybe even my own music!)!

  1. Hey Darktoz.
    Have you created all these fantastic models from the ground up?
    Do you have a background in 3d modelling or just very talented?:)

    • I don’t build them from the ground up, I use the old Victoria 4 Base model which you can find here:

      Then I morph and shape them to make them look different. I also buy most of the hair (only 2 are done by me) and all of the clothing. I started using Daz3D and switched to Poser Pro because of the easier Lighting options and the less powerful, but much faster render engine.

  2. hi cant wait for day 4 im not into kinky stuff that much but the story of this game is soooooo good you are so talented i think you really deserve to right story for big game kidding man the story is even better than telltale games…..
    but i live in iran i really want to pay for game and day 4 but we dont have international bank system here i tried alot….so is there any other way that you suggest me that i can get the day 4 as soon as its out?

    • Unfortunetly patreon is the only way. You just need a paypal account, but I don’t know if that is easy to get in iran or not. Maybe you can ask the patreon support for help

  3. great game keep it up,the only thing need changing is when in minigames instead of pushing the up button pls make it so down also counts as key pushing.great game overall bravo

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