Game Trailer and the next game!


Futanari, Dickgirl or something completely different?

I thought this was easier. I created a small game trailer to gain attention for my small game BDSM Tournament, but it turns out I cannot upload it on most of the important porn platforms. Xhamster for example. ‘Your trailer has watermarks on the screen!’. It has not!? Just a small image at the end that says:””. I mean come on, that’s no big deal.

I’ve uploaded it on pornhub now, I hope it will get some views soon, but I think it can take quite a while until the video shows up in pornhubs search engine.

Anyway, that isn’t an interesting topic at all, is it? How about we talk about my next game! Well…well…there is one big question: Chick with dick? I am not sure. I think it would be very interesting because it is a completely different fetish but of course there are a lot of similarities. I think I will play around with a few renders first and see if they turn out to be interesting or not. I realised that I have to step my game up with rendering images to produce decent quality, and since the only way to get better is practice, practice, practice I think it is time for some POV Futanari Images before I start gathering materials for my next project!

I think a small poll is just what you need to let me know who you would pick, so please participate:

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