I finally managed to update my 3D figure, thanks to the awesome creator Karina. I am now (finally) able to create nice renders of female genitals (yeah, the pussy!) and I am even able to morph them to different positions (that means sticking a cock/dildo inside isn’t a problem anymore…yes, it was before). I am just glad it finally worked out, because I can still use all of my old material (hair, clothing, morphs) with this updated version (more details on my patreon page).

I had a hard month of work…but I have a few days off from work now, and I can’t wait to get back to work on the Asylum and my other project. The Asylum Day 4 won’t be ready this month, but another game will be released soon! Well, it isn’t really a game, more like an interactive story/comic (yeah, think of telltalegames), but I already told you that in my last post.

These short storys have the big advantage that I can get really creative with the scenarios. And really extreme. No limits. I have already decided that the first one will be a rather easy scenario with two futanari, but wait ’till I get comfortable with the engine. Maybe the noblewoman you see on the picture gets her hands on you next…or a female hacker and brainwashing expert wants to make you her toy. How about a whole farm of imprisoned males where dominant futanari constantly milk you (livestock), a horror scenario where a banshee haunts you in an old manor or a really fucked up gore scenario where a cannibal girl drags you down to her kitchen – Endless possibilities of Femdom, Futanari and BDSM stories. Maybe you have a unique idea…let me know!

(Oh, let me know on patreon 😉 because that way I get a few bucks and can buy that 3D model of that banshee I’m looking for 😀 )

That’s it for now! Stay kinky (And become my Patron on so that I can finally buy that Banshee 3D Model I am looking for!)!


PS: Kinksters voted for nuns over sadists, just to let you know what’s coming for you on Day 4!


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