It is getting interesting!

Femdom amazon fighterYes, yes, YES! I am making progress with my game. I have to admit that the story could have been a bit more “thought out”, but what is more important is that there will be loads of femdom, bondage, torture and fighting in it. The picture is from one of the enemies you will encounter. While creating enemies and characters for this game is very fun, making puzzles and other noncombat stuff is quite difficult. I want to make these as fun as possible, but I gotta admit I am running out of ideas…and I haven’t even finished the first floor yet. Quite annoying, I have to look for some inspiration. It should be more than “press switch B and then C to open door A”, or “try to find 12 of these items”.

The other problem is good quality, royalty free music. I have one music pack that suits the style of my game quite well, but I don’t know if this will be enough. I will spend some more time with youtubes audio library, I think.

But all in all, I am happy with the progress. It is so much fun creating this game. And I have literally thousand other ideas for more kinky fetish games that I hope I will develop in the future. But one step after the other…first I’ll have to get a short demo ready for playtesting!

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