Make Fetish Gaming Great Again!

“Fetish Stories: The Asylum” is coming. And it’s coming fast! It is going to be way bigger and way better than the first game. Make Fetish Gaming great again! Now, some of you might say “Bigger and better than the first game? That’s not difficult!”. Well 1. Fuck you and 2. You’re definetly right about that.  But the Asylum will be on another level. You’ll realize that when you play the intro.

Right now, the intro is only available for patreons, since they can give feedback first. But don’t worry, just wait 2 more days and you’ll get to play it. I will upload it here on my website so you can get a first impression of what the game will be about! And also you get a short preview of what has changed.

There are some changes I made that I am not quite sure of. For example the new Affection System. Right now it is a system you know from Games like Dragon Age. You gain Affection through dialogue choices and if your Affection Level is high enough, you get new dialogue options, a bonus or whatever. Of course you can also lose Affection when you make the wrong choices.

Another option would be the “Jane will remember that”-System (Hello Telltalegames!).  It is simple. When you meet Jane, she will ask you “Would you like to be my friend”, and wether your answer is yes or no, Jane will remember that answer and later in the game, when you meet her again, she will help you if you said yes and refuse to help if you say no. It is a lot less flexible than the first option, but it is also a lot less time consuming.

Right now I think the “Dragon Age Affection System” is the right choice for what I’m planning to do. It will take more time creating it, but in the end it will be worth it.

Speaking of Time Consumption: I hope to provide a full playable demo soon, but I don’t know how soon ‘soon’ will be. I don’t want to feel rushed this time, so that I can really focus on improving and making a really good game this time!

Stay kinky!

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