Marketing and why I suck at it!

Meow is one of my favourite characters in the game. It was so much fun to design her and I regret that I didn’t make a bigger backstory for her (I will do it for BDSM Tournament 2 😉 ). She would have kicked me in the nuts if I told her how I failed at “advertising” my game.

My plan was simple: Put out some pictures and a gametrailer…and maybe some twitter posts…and then lean back, relax and let the hordes of kinksters come to my website. The good news is: I got my first patreon. The first one is always the hardest, since you are the first one willing to spend money for something no one else wanted to spend money on.

The bad news is: 4 days have passed and I had 50 visitors so far. 50 people visited my website since the game is out and ready to be played. Well, I thought it would be at least 1000 people at this time, and this was clearly a mistake. Uploading a video on a porntube is simple, but getting people to watch it seems to be very difficult. I have tried it for myself: When I search for something like “femdom 3d game” my trailer won’t appear. I have asked around and it seems like it can take weeks until a video ranks in a popular porntube. That sucks. 152 people have watched the trailer on pornhub so far, xhamster didn’t even let me upload it. So far I fucked it up 🙁 .

By the way if someone wants to upload the trailers by himself, or just wants to look at them (careful, the 2nd one contains spoilers):

Here they are!

And twitter? Twitter has a new anti adult spam policy since february, meaning everytime I tweet and use dirty words like fetish, xxx, strap-on and other things in my tweets no one is able to see them unless they turn off the filter for that (which almost no one does). I am trying a different approach now, by following people with similar interests. I hope that works out.

And my next game? Right now I am gathering material…and I will soon give a first glance (maybe pictures, maybe a small comic) at my new artstyle (waaaaaaay better now). I just need a few more hairstyles and 1-2 more shoes. I hope I can release them on patreon next week. Until then I will try to get more people to watch the trailer and play the demo.

Oh, and if you are reading this: Thank you so much for taking interest in what I do. While I only have very few visitors, they almost all stay for a longer period of time and read my different articles. So thanks for stepping by and stay kinky!

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  1. Fenoxo forum is a great place for adult game promotions along with websites like , , sub reddits like /r/NSFWgaming , /r/eroge , /r/femdom , /r/lewdgames , etc

  2. Your blog should also be redesigned. It’s not clear where the downloadable games are if they are even there in the first place. Take inspiration from fenoxo forum. There’s a proper tab for everything.

    • I always thought my blog looks cool…and dark…and all that stuff 🙁 . But you’re right. I just read on reddit that some people are not able to find the demo. I will take care of it, just give me some time.

      • The colour scheme looks about right considering the content you’re making. UI placement is the only real issue you have.

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