Meet Tina, busy times and Wet: The Sexy Empire…

Well, 5$-Kinksters have decided that Tina, the last warden of the Asylum, will look like this (with 39%). Next up is a poll of what will happen first when you get dragged down into the basement. I’m thinking of either a brainwashing/mindfuck scene or some forced washing/waterbondage. Either way, things are going to get tough downstairs ;).

I wish I would have more time to work on the asylum, but right now I’m pretty busy at work…july and august are always busy months for me and right now I don’t have much free time, not only for my game projects but also for sport, friends and all that fun stuff that doesn’t include work 🙁 (yeah, working on ‘the asylum’ is fun for me, not work!) I hope it gets better soon.

And I’m still waiting for Visual Novel Maker. I really thought they would release it in july, because of the steam summer sale and the extra attention that comes with it, but now it’s the 26th and still no sign of a release. Let’s hope for early august. I have high expectations for this release, I really hope the engine can provide the things I want. If I could do a simple management game with lots of story content and minigames in it, I would be so happy. Maybe some of you remember the Game: Wet – The Sexy Empire! It had a cool comic look and although it was very simple, I had a lot of fun with it. In the first stage you had to earn 50 000$ in order to make it out of the small town. You had to make photoshoots with your girl, small videos and let her work in a strip club in order to make money. I don’t think it would be hard to make a bdsm scenario out of it, or a dominant futanari game. But I already have a list of 37 games (and the list is constantly growing) that I want to do at some point…so let us wait until Visual Novel Maker gets released and then we’ll see what I can do with it.

Until then I try to get Day 3 of The Asylum done and you guys try to be patient with me 😉

Stay kinky!





  1. I can’t wait to get down into the basement! I really hope for some intense whipping and humiliation, maybe some heavy bondage!

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