My first animation!

Ok, I can’t upload this to my homepage, so you’ll have to check my tumblr post: CLICK HERE!

I have to say it is a pleasure to animate in Poser. When you know some useful information like “Use Inverse Kinematics” and “Parent to Object”, then you can do a simple scene like I did very fast.

One problem is the render time. This one is 3 seconds short and took about an hour to render! But for some small scenes like a short handjob scene or a faceslapping video it will be worth the wait. I messed some things up in my first animation, like the left hand. Also it would be so easy to animate her mouth so that you can not only hear but see hear moaning, but I added the sound afterwards and then it was too late. But there is always room for improvement, and for my first femdom animation ever, I think it is not that bad.

I am struggling a bit with my game, implementing elements like fighting, items, puzzles is a pain in the ass. I thought that would be going much faster and easier…but I want to make a game that you can actually enjoy and not one that you rush through just to see the pictures and videos in it. I still got two weeks before I want to release a short demo…that’s going to be tough but I think I can get it done just in time. Until then I will try to create some more pictures and short animations…I think the next animation will be a pov scene!

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