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Ok, first of all I have to thank you guys for your support. Yes, again and again. We are at 200 patrons now, and we are still growing. Makes me dream that I can make a living out of this one day. But even now it makes me get the 3D assets that I want. I think that for my next project I will be able to really make the characters how I want them to be and make them wear the outfits that I want them to wear. Yes, you’re right. More support means more hairstyles, clothing and scenes for my games. So stop lurking and start supporting :). Anyway, it is nice to see that there is a demand for femdom games, or the futanari games that I’m planning to do!

Next up, animations! First of all, they take a lot of time to do, and a lot of time to render. The result is nice, but I don’t know if it is worth it. I mean it took 7 hours to render a 7 second loop animation, and if I want that scene to really become a video, I would have to render at least two other camera angles. That’s right, it would be 20 hours of rendering…

I’m still not sure if I continue to do animations or if I just stick to my 4 picture loops that you know from the asylum. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and I am not ready to make a final decision yet.

Oh, you want to have a lookat it? It’s right here:


Visual Novel Maker, the software I have been waiting for, has a release date: The 2nd half of november. I was hoping for a release much earlier, but at least I know when it’s coming out. They released some screenshots, it is looking good so far. Might be exactly  what I need…and well, it is another excuse to not get into learning python for Ren’py ;).

Stay kinky!


  1. im sure that u will be able to make a living out of ur games soon and more u will be able to hire more people to help u whith ur work… after all there is alot of fun interested in femdom(women futa demon …)but there is only few games of this genre most of them are yeah im sure that u will have a big fun pateron base soon like gabe and Kaliyo..ur awesome just like them 🙂
    and about animations it will make ur games way better but it will take more time so mybe u have to let the Kinksters decide 🙂

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