The Asylum: Day One Release! And other things…

There it is, it is done! Day One of the Asylum is ready, ready to be played by anyone! Yes, you can already download it on my page. So, wait…just let me get the link for you superlazy people:


I’m feeling great right now, thanks to a lot of positive feedback. It is my second game and I think it is fair to say that I’ve taken my game design skills to the next level…probably because they were at level 0 when I made BDSM Tournament :D. Anyway, enjoy the game, and let me know what you think about it! I don’t think you will find everything in your first playthrough, that’s why I will release a short guide in the next days. I will tell you where to find things, how to unlock additional scenes and so on. But not right now ;). Explore it on your own!

Ok, next up: The Futanari Game! Yes, I know, some of you are desperatly waiting for it. I just have announced it: “Futanari Wars: Truce!” is the current title, although that might change into something like: “Brutal Futanari Assault: Dickgirl XXX Stories!” <- You know, for keword search reasons :D. I will handle this project a bit different than the others, involving my patrons/community more and more, even letting them decide key elements of the game: If the Hero should be male or female, for example! Right now all I have is a render picture that I made while I was messing around with some new assets I bought (it’s funny: When I go “3D asset shopping”, I always say to myself ‘Focus! You need new hairstyles and outfits to add variety! Nothing else!’…and I always end up buying a new weapons pack :D). And a rough plan about the story. Ah, you know what, I will set up a small page and a button for you to click on, then you can decide for yourself if you like the idea or not!

Futanari Wars

When I started Patreon in April, I had no idea how it really works. Now I’m getting the hang of it, and it is so much fun to get feedback and seeing people talking about my games and what they think will happen in the next days of the asylum, engaging with them, talking about what they want to see implemented in my games. It been a lot of fun so far, I like seeing my small community growing, getting a new member every day.

That’s it for this week guys, remember to stay kinky (and remember to play ‘The Asylum’)!

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  1. So far your new game is really a big step in the right direction. Was really fun playing it. Really looking forward what will happen next.

  2. I disagree, because even with a small linear game like Femdomstories: BDSM Tournament I got 50 patrons…now we’re close to 70 with just another demo! And I started this in April! I know that futanari is more popular because of the high demand, but you can’t say that femdom/bdsm likers are not willing to support 🙂

  3. Why don’t you advertise your game like last time around subreddits like eroge and NSFWgaming , showcase on fenoxo and also make a thread there. Also maybe ask LewdGamer for showcase ?

    • I’ve done that. All of it except LewdGamer (oh, and eroge subreddit, kind of forgot that one ;).

      • Don’t forget /r/femdom , that’s where I got to know about your project. /r/femdomgonewild also exists but idk the posting rules.

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