The Asylum is coming!

Femdom Asylum

My patreons have decided: The next game is going to be “Femdom Stories: The Asylum”! I finally have almost all materials together and, as you see on the image, have started working on it. This game will (unlike BDSM Tournament) not feature any combat sequences, instead it will be about story, puzzles and the characters. I don’t want to give anything away yet, but I’ll do it TelltaleGames style: A new Episode every month. So you will spend 5-7 days in the asylum, make decisions that matter and have different endings. I have to be careful since this project is a lot bigger than my first game, and at some point I want to work on 2 projects at once, but I think I’ve improved a lot during the past months and I am confident that “The Asylum” will be a lot of fun!

There are still some difficulties. Finding the right sound for example. The setting of this game will be very dark, sometimes calm, sometimes mysterious, but never as agressive as “BDSM Tournament” was (mostly because it completely lacks combat action). I loved the soundtrack of my first game, but it just wouldn’t fit my new project. Right now I’m looking everywhere for a music packs that fits and even thought about picking up Fruity Loops to get into music making myself (interesting, but very time consuming…I don’t think it’ll work out fast enough).

I hope I can give my patreons  a playable intro soon (aiming for the beginning of next month), so they know what they are pledging for right now. April is coming to an end and I’ve gained over 30 patreons in my first month which is way more than I expected. Again, thanks for the support! I hope that this little community continues to grow, and I am confident that it will when I keep improving day by day.

Some of my patreons have send me messages, asking about “Captured by Dark Elves” and if it will not be created at all. Of course it will! I like the idea of the setting way too much, so don’t worry about that. It just means that you have to wait a little longer for it.

Stay kinky!

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  1. Could we maybe get some Dick girl’s / futanari Characters that dominate in this game? Or make it an option that half or all of them are futanari?

    • In this Game? Rather not. There might be an option of a futanari patient, but it is unlikely. Also, there won’t be an option of turning them into futanari…that would be twice the amount of work.

      I know that is bad news, so I’ll give you a little hint: There will be an announcement of a game in the end of May…and I got a feeling that it might just be the right game for you 😉

      (If I get my time schedule right…I am even struggling to get the short demo of ‘The Asylum’ done right now)

      • I REALLY want to lend you my designing and coding skills. But I also don’t want to ruin the game for my self xD I want to help. But Don’t want to help at the same time XD

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