Updates, new Goals, new Engines…

Yes, Day 4 is out, already updated, bugfixed and ready to be played. There will be no Day 5…instead from here on now it will be constantly updated. More information only for patron supporters (but it is going to be aaaaaaweesome :D).

Only 4 days left until Visual Novel Maker comes out, the software engine I have waited for almost an entire year to come out. It was usually the reason I started looking into other engines (like RPG Maker MV and Tyranobuilder), so I could start creating Femdom and Futanari Games. Now the day has finally come and to be honest I’m quite worried. I am hoping for a potent engine, that will allow me to create “raising sims” (I’ve heard that’s the correct term for it), the genre of games I always tend to enjoy the most when it comes to adult games! I have a lot of ideas, so let us just hope that Visual Novel Maker will be the most awesome engine of all time.

Then there will be another RPG Maker Game coming up, but it will not be Saragoth. My patrons agreed that such a big game might be coming too early, and that we should start out smaller. So a Spartacus: Blood and Sand type setting will be next. I am looking around for premium quality assets this time, to further enhance my image quality…plus this time I have to implement combat again. So it might take a while before I can present you a public demo.

Oh, and then there is Lady of the Manor, the next short stories episode. Looks like I have a lot of work to do 😉

Stay kinky!


  1. Did you decide to switch from futa elfs stories because sargoth was announced and there will be a lot of fantasy in there or just lady of Manor won (I remember you said that first futa choice and elfs were winning the poll)? Because I can’t wait and support for a dark fantasy femdom game, all this asylum with medical stuff not my kind of thing.

    • Lady of the Manor ended up winning the poll. Futa Elves unfortunetly finished 4th place. The reason BDSM Gladiator is coming before Saragoth, is that Saragoth is too big of a project right now. The scenario is just too big. Different Races, locations like snowy mountains, swamps, deserts etc…all the fantasy clothing and armor, weapons, medieval torture devices…that’s currently just too much. So I take on a a project that is one step smaller: BDSM Gladiator. Fewer characters, a ludus, an arena, fewer weapons and no magic, but it will feature combat and a leveling system…stuff that I still need to learn.

      • Whats the planned engine for Saragoth btw? With this kind of game which supposed to have combat VNM seems not that reasonable.

        • I don’t know, because I don’t know how powerful VNM will be. If you can use sprites and variables for example, it would be possible to make a good and fun combat system with Visual Novel Maker. I have to wait and see…it will be released in the next days. But unless VNM really nails it and is the best piece of software I have ever seen, then I’ll be using RPG Maker MV for Saragoth, with the asset packs from PVGames, meaning it will look like this: http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/a/graphics/medieval-dungeons

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