Well, Day 3 is coming!

Alright, here we go. I hope I can get Day 3 of the Asylum done until the 11th of August. Hard to achieve, but not impossible. The problem is that I still have a lot of work to do at my dayjob…summer is always a pain in the ass for me. But it will definetly come in the midth of August, maybe 11th, maybe 13th….but definetly soon.

I was thinking a lot about my games in general, lately. Should I go for better render resolutions (1920×1080) and should I do an extra version for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. I am not sure if that is wanted, and I can’t really ask, because all my patrons are my patrons because they already play my games…on PC. So, yeah, I don’t know if I miss out on a large group that want to play my games but only play on mobile…I doubt it to be honest.

Then I was looking for other Femdom Games and other Futanari Games around. Unfortunetly, there is only Futadomworld that I thnk is worth mentioning (Version 0.2 is out, by the way!). Oh, and some textgames that have been abandoned. Very sad, but that seems to be the fate for a lot of these games. I love reading good femdom stories and they really help improving my own writing skills…that’s why I’m looking for good femdom textgames. Maybe someone knows a good one and lets me know in the comments! 😉

Last but not least I’m thinking of getting into making my own music. I’m super picky when it comes to music for my games, but quality comes with a price…unless you make it yourself. When I have a bit more free time, I will definetly get FL Studio and maybe one or two beat packs and then I’ll start playing around with it, see what I can do and if it is worth it.

That’s all for today!

Stay kinky!




  1. I dont want to be a boytoy and Perverted education are great text based games on tfgames. The former one is especially good. There aren’t really a lot of these games but eroges do just as well with the addition of pictures. Bible black , Discipline , Starless , MGQ , Violated hero , Euphoria , Detective masochist , etc.

    • Oh, I didn’t know about perverted education, thanks! I will have a look. I know about the others, but only really liked Detective Masochist…Monster Girl Quest is also worth mentioning. I know some episodes from Bible Black, but never played the Visual Novel. Might have to do that now 😉

    • Oh,don’t even remind me,games like Discipline,Starless and Detective masochist are just pervert games,and those sissy games like Perverted education always have a good start and just like always,they go extreme gay at some point and it’s not about femdom any more.

      • Yes, and not only games. Most of the erotic comics (femdom/sissy) tend to go gay pretty quick. I like sissification, but it always ends up with the sissy being sold or end up with a dominant male. Why? Why can’t the submissive part just stay with the mistress 🙁

  2. The VN for bible black is great. Far better than any of the anime episodes. One the best VNs I’ve played due to the amount of diverse branches it offers. Its also got a sequel VN called Infection. There’s also a discontinued text game , called Masculine mystique.

    • It’s such a shame that almost all text games about femdom are discontinued…I will have a look at Bible Black! Thanks!

  3. I don’t like the scat, few options and “tragic” endings, but even so “Mistress Degree” have a nice story.

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