Work, work, work, work…

Well, the next day of the asylum is coming a bit later then expected, I really need the weekend to work on it. Right now I am working hard at my day job and it is hard to find any free time at all. Yeah, work sucks. But Day 3 is worth the wait. I have so much fun creating it…especially the Mary scene is one of my favourites. So just wait a few days more and you’ll see what I mean.

I’ve asked my patrons if they want to see animated videos in my games instead of ‘animated picture scenes’…like the scenes I’m doing right now. Animation would mean even more work and a whole lot of learning. Most of the time animated 3D videos look stiff and robotic…not natural. I’m still not sure, I think I will have to tackle that topic again when I’m done with Day 3.

What else? Not much. I bought some additional Futanari Content (some new cock textures for female models), and some medieval torture devices and chains…but I can’t show them because I’m too busy with the Asylum. Looks like you have to wait for that. Visual Novel Maker still isn’t out and the Developers don’t seem to bother much because there is 0 communication with the community. Yeah, I’m slowly getting impatient after 9 months of waiting.

Since there is not much I can do about that, I tend to think more about Darkworld than about Futanari Wars. Especially the nonhuman creatures that I want to have in the game: Demons, Centaurs, Dark Elves, Elves, Giants, Undead (Vampires), Monster (Snakewoman and Spiderwoman is what I’ve got so far) and many more. Not so sure about Angels…could be fun to have them in Darkworld…some of them corrupted by darkness, some of them still divine and arrogant…and disgusted by humans :D. Maybe you have another race that should definetly be in the game!? Let me know on patreon what you would like to see. Write it in the comments, leave a like, share me on facebook, twitter, instagram, tell your favourite mistress about my games or do none of it ;)…but

stay kinky!



  1. I love that game! I wish i could sometimes just go to any of wardens and beg (choose to knee and start jerking or kissing their boots) them for domination, pegging, boots licking etc. Elaine and Nikki, love them! Keep up good work! Wish u best! 🙂

  2. The 3D animations is a huge difference but requiered a lot of work and time, I’ll leave you the hard decisions for you xD
    If you want to see a game that mixes rpg components with good animations try playing “Girl Beats Hero”.

    In respects of the the female characters all of them are charismatic and beautiful but Nikki and Elaine are simply on another level.
    Please more tease and denial and cbt stuff in the future.

    • I think I really have to give you guys a comparison of a five picture animation vs. video render animation and give you the amount of work that was necessary to get both to work. So you guys can decide if it is worth it or not. I will do that after day 3

  3. Really great work,after playing the asylum,I searched for a long time on the internet for something similar and surprisingly found there are none…you are the only one who makes decent femdom games…thanks and please continue what you are doing~~~

    • Thank you! As long as I can find enough people that are willing to support my games I will continue to make more and more 😉

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