Your kind of therapy…

I have to say that I was really worried about the Asylum. There was a good chance that I had to redo all characters, and chances were pretty big that it a) would have taken a ton of time to do that and b) they would look a bit different in the end. But luckily the transfer of my asset library worked out and I can use all my previous characters. I am however not able to load previous scenes and rooms somehow…but that’s not a big problem (at least not as big as the characters would have been).

So, next up is the 5$-kinkster decision about wether there will be a strap-on femdom scene of Tina and Elaine pegging you POV style, or a classic spanking scene with both of them. Also the vote for the next short stories scenario is coming up.

And now…finally…back to work on Day 4 of the Asylum. A lot of kinky stuff is going to happen, trust me ;).

Oh, and I am also looking for a new name for “Darkworld” and “Futanari Wars”, my next big game projects. For Futa Wars it should be the name of the city…something like Mordheim, City of the Damned, but more futuristic, dark and grungy. And for Darkworld it should be the same, but the name of the land. Something like ‘Sadistica: Land of the tortured souls’ (yeah, I know…but if I would have had a good one already, I would not ask you guys). Let me know in the comments if you have a great idea so that I can take it and claim that it was my own ;).

Stay kinky!


  1. Elaine and pegging? This vote should go like which of them taking your back. 😛
    Anyway, have you thought about the scene of jerking and eating own cum? I was thinking about it in previous days when I visit shower 😉

    Just thoughts, definitly not complaining, one of the best games out there 😉


    • Problem is that I don’t have any good cum textures right now. You might have already noticed that playing Futa Stories. I only had good textures when I was doing BDSM Tournament (and there was a jerking and cum eating scene, but it wasn’t POV), when I had the 30 days test version of Photoshop. Once I find a way to make it look good, it’ll definetly be an option 🙂

      • I’m not sure of what your situation is, but It’s pretty easy to get Photoshop for free – just in case you don’t know. I don’t think you’d have any problems if you did decide to take that route. Feel free to ask me if you want help getting it.

        • If I would ever take that route, how can I expect people who play my games to support them on Patreon? People are so used of getting everything in the internet for free that they don’t see the damage they’re doing. They’re stealing from indie developers without even thinking about it. If everyone who illegally downloaded my games would have pledged just 1$, I could give my games away for free. But that is not the case. I have to rely on the few people on the internet that actually support good work and pay for it. And I am one of them. I will always pay for the products I’m using, wether it is software, 3D assets, other games, music, sound or whatever.

      • Hmm. The answer is simple, just don’t tell them. If they don’t know then certainly you’ll have no damage done to you, they’ll not experience any mental stress, they’ll receive a better product, you’ll earn morn money, Photoshop will have more influence over the market and an upcoming developer training to use their software and advertising it’s effectiveness and usability. There are more ways to pay than with money.

        It’s a win win win win win.

        The only loss is a hit to your subjective perception of morality enforced on you by esoteric social pressures and facile cultural forces.

        So I’d recommend just leaving this comment chain alone, going and downloading Photoshop, and going ahead with making some great content. Or don’t.

        After all, the perception of ethical and moral order from chaos is what makes life bearable, and is a porn game worth giving up a sense of hope and security that defends from the pressing darkness :P?

  2. and that’s the way to go! keep doing your awesome work, darktoz. I support you and I hope you find enough other patrons so that one day youcan do this fulltime!

  3. You could always look at it as a chicken and egg problem.

    By using Photoshop, you will make better quality content.
    By making better quality content, you will get more patrons
    By getting more patrons, you will be able to buy Photoshop

    Also checking out their website, it seems you can’t buy it anymore. At least at first glance I only saw monthly rental plans starting at 12$/month

    • lol, what? I released the final version of day 3 on the 7th of september, and I released Captured4You one month later, on the 7th of october…3months?! But if you were a patron and not some lurker and illegal downloader of my games you would already know that. And you would already know the planned release date 😉

    • Kind of. I will use this site to present my games and I will add more lore and backstories. A medieval fantasy femdom/bdsm/futanari game is coming up. But updates on game development will be only on patreon, yes.

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